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Friday, 15 January 2016


An Empty Kingdom by Ebi Robert

Timi the IV had joined his ancestors, so a new king must be crowned. But who shall  be made king? The late king had no seed, but  the people want a king j against the olden order. Can this ever be? Duadogi, uncle of the late king fixed his eyes on the throne and so, this is the conflict; that few seeked to deny the people of their choice because he is no citizen of the soil. Thus, they lobby and in bribery they made bid, but all to no avail. And when it became clear that their bidding beats no fruit; Only one desire, the desire to poison the “ACT” of the Chief of the king-makers. One man with a secret only known by the beast. One who whose wisdom is not short; Koko, the chief of the king-maker, wisest of all, must keep his secret against the people. But must the people live to see villainy simply because an anus is brown? The play shall tell.

Adje Mudiaga: An Empty Kingdom is a captivating drama book, rich with democratic principles and captivating African proverbs, spiced with romantic juices here and there.

To grab a copy of the book, call the number : +2348093611982. +2349032845248

UK Pound Sterling: 1:70
Canadian Dollar: $3:00
USA Dollar: $2:00
Nigeria: N500:00

Note: The book "An Empty Kingdom" was first published by Partridge Africa. However the first edition published by Partridge Africa was tainted with errors, therefore making it not suitable for readers. Nevertheless, the edited version has been published at Bulkybon Books, Lagos. Therefore interested buyers are hereby advised not to access the book at Amazon or other book stores for any act of purchase, at least for now.

 Interested buyers should contact the author personally to get a copy.


When Partridge Africa receives the edited version, an announcement will be made to that effect.

Thanks for your understanding!

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