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Monday, 19 June 2017

The Misconception of Birthday (The Mind Academy-Probe 1) by Ebi Robert



There is a plethora of debatable conceptions, convincingly expended by people without any form of probing in their use. While some use such words which might be compound or not, without doing the probe, others like me access the permutation of letters and end with a ‘why’, where the need arises. ‘No man is above mistake’. I learn not to follow the crowd, but the crown; for the one with the crown in the crowd, stands out. In other to proffer rejoinders to some inevitable queries, I have created a kind of series which shall be addressing such questionable concepts of aged usage if possible and seek to highlight an alternative if any. It shall be titled “Ebi’s Play”.[1] The titling spur is drawn from one of Finnis’s basic human goods; play. But here I have settled something more philosophical, something before my seat of the Ionians. Sequel to this, this treatise being the first of the series begins with the theme of birthday.


¡feliz cumpleaños! That would be my wishes to a cherry if I were a Spaniard. Then I can say that a psychological emotion has been triggered. But how accurate would be my articulation, per diction? I must have made meanings better than a hiss, yet not accurate as a hiss, I would say.

As typical, I look out for the true definitions before my conclusion. By this, it was only fair I consulted the Oxford Advanced learner’s Dictionary, (7th ed) at page 137. In it, I was told that birthday is the day in each year which is the same date as the one on which you were born. An epoch the celebridad is gifted with noncrystalline silica, the first count of one’s eon. Flowing from the above, it can be basically opined that birthday is the day in each year in which one is born. Invariably, birthday befalls every year. This is either fallacious or a misconception because birthday is once in the life of the celebrant, at best what might re-occur is the birth-date and I shall expatiate with an illustration.

‘It was a cloudy day and the drizzle showed itself. A funny wind blew and kicked up the hat that had been seated on Michael’s head, exposing the fresh cut he got from the force of the machete, say; a yesterday. The rush was to meet up with the blissful fete the compound’s wives had recorded. Michael Junior’s umbilical cord had been severed. This birth was just ten minutes away and the date was 13th June 1990. The activities that occurred as far as I can remember were numerous, 25 years after an opal song was sang for ‘Caroline’, all because 13th June re-occurred. Well, it’s a choice but let’s try these questions:

1)      Was it 13th June, 1990 that occurred or 13th June alone?
2)      Is our current 13th cloudy or otherwise?
3)      Is our current 13th with a furious drizzle?
4)      Was our current 12th recorded with a fresh cut of Michael?
5)       Is our current day with the self-same events of 1990?

Fat food for thought, I guess. Birthday comes and goes, birthstones might come, but birth-date come and come. Birthday is for the celebration, birth-date is for the anniversary, and date of birth is for the record. A birthday comes just once in a life time, but the birth-date repeats itself with different order of events, though sometime similar but not the same. Proto tanto I am use to the former, a shift shall never be vexing verity. This way, the Saul is made Paul.

[1] A probe of the “Mind Academy”. The mind Academy is a school of the mind which has scholars probing various concepts, ideas and orders from different fields; ideas believed to be faulty in its use and proffering an alternative to the probed concepts, although fun-filled, but logical.

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