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    Beauty In Shadows (Poem) by Ebi Robert


    She keeps him under the scent of her beauty,
    Coaching his iris, few things, for duty

    To the stars and back
    Around Sirius, light-friends and dark

    Touching tours through tempting touches 
    With that white bud upon thee that brushes

    Thou' ancient folk in modern mountain 
    Why kill him before his death?

    Thou' fainted ugliness on fairy fountain 
    Why nose his nostril for holy breath?

    And yet, nay, again this rune runs on iron irony
    Which mounts thine visage on nothing funny

    O' beauty on darkest skin
    Shade their eyes from this mighty sin 

    By Ebi Robert 

    (Photo Credit: Olaniyi Temitope Isaac)

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