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    Ebi Robert, (Robert Ebinabo Fortune) also known as the Lord of Ink, hails from Egweama (paternal) and Nembe (Maternal) all in Bayelsa State of Nigeria. Born on 6th February, 1990, the writer is a poet, novelist, playwright, essayist, blogger and an editor. Though he may not be described as a master of all trade, he is nevertheless a writer who loves writing. The writer’s poems have been featured in several books, magazines and newspapers, within and outside Nigeria. His poems are even featured as prologues of some foreign books as well as the subject matter of literary analysis and projects. His first published play, An Empty Kingdom was acted on stage in the Theatre Art Department of the Niger Delta University, where lovers of Art were assembled to see the work performed live on stage. As an advocate and a writer he is not only into mooting, he also writes legal articles. He also writes literary and political articles and essays of other themes. His love for creativity led him to the creation of adages and proverbs in the making of his book. This is also manifest in general quotes of the writer’s work. The works of the author has earned him several awards and certifications.

    The author is currently the Acting Director of peace December Nigeria, Bayelsa State Chapter and Co-Editor of the Nigeria Lawyers.

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