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As a partner with God, I have come to understand that partnership with God is beyond singing Hallelujah to the Heavens. It has to do with the manifestation of God’s ability in more than trillions of fold. Each time I think of Solomon’s wisdom display and wise saying of men of old, I simply realize that there was something extra that they got which others did not. Solomon had God and more of God; others perhaps had God and experience. Wise sayings have never fallen from the sky; they have just been words in combination, spoken for so long a time; they have been aged words cooked in deep belief and thoughts. This is it, that I seek to break the cord of history and create new pathway of adages, proverbs and idioms. 

AN EMPTY KINGDOM which is my first published book was flooded with many wise sayings. Subsequent books I guess will maintain that line. I have created a label for this page where series of my proverbs and adages will be featured. Time after time, I shall be featuring weekly quotes from proverbs, adages, idioms and general quotes.

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